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Welcome To The Prostate Cancer Centre

The Prostate Cancer Centre provides a single point of referral to specialists at the forefront of the treatment of localised prostate cancer.

At the Prostate Cancer Centre, three leading experts in their treatment fields work closely together in a combined clinical team helping patients select the best prostate cancer treatment for them. By using their large experience based on having treated over 1000 patients with prostate cancer by these different therapies they can help you decide upon the optimal treatment for you and your prostate cancer.

What the Prostate Cancer Centre offers

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The first reactions any man on being diagnosed with Prostate cancer are; is this going to kill me? what is the best treatment? and who should treat me?

The Prostate Cancer Centre aims to provide patients with information explaining the nature and of the risks of their disease, to describe the different treatment options available to cure or contain the prostate cancer and to offer an introduction to be treated by some of the UK’s leading Urologists in the field of prostate cancer therapy.

Making an appointment with the Prostate Cancer Centre

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Making an appointment with the Prostate Cancer Centre is a quick, straight-forward procedure.

UK patients are usually requested to be referred by their GP or Consultant who may be able to provide important medical information. For more information on making an appointment with the Prostate Cancer Centre, please select this link or click on the ‘Make an appointment’ button on the navigation bar.

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